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The manifesto of the BEST ECONOMY forum

With the establishment of the BEST ECONOMY forum, the four associations Bioland, BIO HOTELS, the Initiative of the Economy for the Common Good and FIBL want to create a sustainable alternative to the World Economic Forum. On the one hand, the forum sees itself as a place of inspiration and discussion; at the same time, words and deeds should follow.

Measures for sustainable companies

The initiators of the conference have therefore developed a manifesto that sees itself as a guideline for sustainable companies and considers the following measures to be mandatory:

Short-Term (2 years)

  • Raise awareness and create a powerful vision based on ethical values
  • Test and further develop assessment tools to measure sustainability and accountability in participatory processes
  • Elaborate a roadmap for holistic system change in our organisations
  • Give priority to ethical cooperation with all our stakeholders

Medium-Term (5 years)

  • Get into best practice prototypes and sharing platforms
  • Transformation of our business models (e.g. circular economy / sufficiency)
  • Implement an ethical balance sheet
  • Transparent costs and fair wages and prices
  • Integrate our enterprises into a stakeholder network of financial responsibility

Long-Term (10 years)

  • Our companies are at least climate neutral, we aim for climate positive operations
  • Accountable business practices are the standard practice
  • We create business activities in different types of organisations and forms of property within reasonable sizes.
  • We cooperate intelligently and contribute to resilient structures

Measures from politics

The transition to a sustainable economy can only succeed with political support. We therefore demand the following measures from politicians:

Short-Term (2 years)

  • Redirect funding from destructive business practices towards accountable practices
  • Give CO2 emissions a real price and introduce a cli mate dividend
  • Public procurement must be based on sustainable values and indicators

Medium-Term (5 years)

  • Obligatory ethical reporting one consolidated standard worldwide
  • Implement incentives for companies with accountable business practices
  • Tax justice including fair tax treaties and true costs
  • Internationally enforceable human rights, climate and biodiversity protection laws
  • Create a binding legal framework for ethical supply chain management

Long-Term (10 years)

  • Legislation makes unethical business practices expensive and unattractive
  • Accountability reporting as a base s to calculate corporate taxes and tariffs
  • Anchor common good interests in competition law and market regulation
  • A new global financial framework fosters sustainable development effectively ending power concentration.
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