Anja Dördelmann

Anja Dördelmann, CEO of Herzstück Horgau eG
Anja Dördelmann is a woman of action. To actively shape things and not just react to them passively is her concern. To her, there are many ideas, but their value is only measured in the way they are implemented. She realized that this belief requires patience but even small steps lead to the goal. She realized this when the now publicly audited Herzstück Horgau cooperative was founded. Anja listens, communicates, organizes and networks. She wants to deliver holistic views, always exude confidence and encourage people on their way. As a “HeimatDeveloper” she supports numerous entrepreneurs and groups in the implementation of their ideas into successful projects for the “HeimatUnternehmen” initiative (rural development).
Why do you support the BEST ECONOMY forum? To me, it is important to initiate future-oriented decisions. I want people to learn from each other and get down to business together.
What do you expect from the BEST ECONOMY forum 2021? I want the event to represent an alternative to Davos. Networking, inspiration, motivation – this is so important to tackle our tasks. It is important to feel that we can create change by exchanging ideas, initiating processes and recognizing how important it is to work towards goals as a group.
What is your perspective for 2021?  Corona in particular shows us a lot. We are on the right path and that is important. For me, it is the practical results as well as a serious and concrete implementation. In 2021, we have to secure our stand for Herzstück, which is not easy in the context of a global economy. The “seed” is still tender and sensitive. However, it is a sign to humans that it is possible to change things. Nothing is set in stone.