Carola Portenlänger

Moderation BEST ECONOMY form & operational support BIO HOTELS

After graduating from high school, I enjoyed acting training at a Berlin drama school, and had engagements at Munich children’s theater and small independent theaters. My professional change was in the catering industry in 1989 with various training courses and a diploma in entrepreneurship at GastroSuisse. For 23 years until 2014, I helped design, manage and develop the Alter Wirt hotel and restaurant in Grünwald together with Ulli Portenlänger.

Today I lead training courses and management meetings and work as a manager for BIO HOTELS. Since 1984 I have been dealing with questions and tasks from Elsa Gindler and Heinrich Jacoby. I lead practical courses and am on the board of the Heinrich Jacoby-Elsa Gindler Foundation in Berlin.