Dirk Kannacher

Dirk Kannacher has been a member of the Management Board of GLS Bank in Bochum since October 2017. He is responsible for the “Private and Business Customers” department, which includes telephone customer service, telephone advice on deposit business, home finance business, commercial financing up to 100,000 euros, payment transactions, customer experience management, the GLS crowd, GLS mobility and internal auditing. As the first socio-ecological bank in the world, the GLS Bank is the reference for sustainable banking. It offers all services from current accounts and successful sustainable funds to investments and gifts in cooperation with GLS Treuhand. In doing so, it guarantees maximum transparency, demonstrates its effectiveness and offers fair prices. Their work is based on respect for life and concern for the peaceful coexistence of all cultures that are based on individual freedom and responsibility. In the bank’s entrepreneurial activities, meaning always comes before profit.
Why do you support the BEST ECONOMY forum 2021? I am looking forward to interesting and inspiring encounters, lively discussions and new impulses in the various focus groups.
What are your long-term goals? I would like to see more grandchildren-friendly (management) decisions. We have to be aware that our (management) decisions are setting the course for the life of future generations. Anyone who really wants to take responsibility has to think about social and ecological effects of every decision that is made. On a global level, groundbreaking decisions for restructuring our economy with the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda have already been made: The Sustainable Development Goals set common goals, and achievements necessary for the sustainable development of planet Earth and mankind. I hope that there will finally be a global understanding of the urgency of the Sustainable Development Goals, that binding parameters for achieving these goals have been defined and that the relevant measures have already been implemented.