Herbert Hamele

Herbert Hamele has been working in the field of environmentally friendly tourism development in Europe since 1983. His expertise lies in voluntary initiatives, instruments and best practice examples for environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and economically viable tourism. In 1993, he was co-founder and since then has been chairman of the European network for sustainable tourism development ECOTRANS. He also heads the global platform “Tourism2030-DestiNet Services”, which is committed to networking knowledge about sustainable tourism and its certification.
Why do you support the BEST ECONOMY forum? Sustainable development requires the commitment and cooperation of as many clubs, associations and initiatives as possible in democratic countries in order to achieve the 2030 sustainability goals together with political and economic decision-makers in this decade.
Why should companies visit the BEST ECONOMY forum 2021? To network and exchange ideas with like-minded people in order to recognize opportunities for cooperation and generate synergies that are useful for everyone.

Which long-term goals do you have? ECOTRANS should be represented in all European countries with committed members in the long term. In addition, I would like the Tourismus2030.eu platform to be used by everyone who is committed to environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically sensible development. Furthermore, I want the European tourism sector to become a driver in achieving the sustainability goals for 2030.