Linda Preil

Linda Preil works at einhorn products GmbH – a company that produces vegan and fair produced condoms. She is responsible for the area of “fairstainibility” and thus has the task and the aim to make einhorn’s business activities as fair and sustainable as possible. Supply chains, fair working conditions, reducing or compensating for CO2 emissions, and teamwork are very important.

Why do you support the BEST ECONOMY forum? Because I believe that we can only work together to stop the dangers we are facing (global warming, biodiversity crisis) and that exchange and learning from one another is essential for this.

What do you expect from the BEF 2021: Inspirational encounters, taking action together (and not just talking about it).

What are your long-term goals? I would like to set up a kind of rubber foundation with my team that promotes regenerative agriculture in rubber cultivation (14 million hectares worldwide are planted with rubber). In addition, I hope that in five years we will have managed, together with other economic and social actors, to influence legislation in such a way that externalized costs are internalized in companies (CO2, loss of biodiversity, etc.) and thus sustainable business models are competitive .