Manfred Jotter

Managing Director of the International Federation for the Economy for the Common Good e.V.

Because the hut is on fire! – Because it is high time to do something. – Who shouldn’t be better suited to this than entrepreneurs; After all, it is in our literal sense to do something, it is one of our genuine tasks!

We all know about the problems that we should better tackle yesterday than today: climate change, the extinction of species, air pollution, the whirlpools of plastic waste in the oceans, the deforestation of the rainforests, water scarcity and much more; All of this has to do with the violation of human rights, with world hunger, with global inequality, with the greed for returns and the arrogant tax-saving concepts of some global corporations. It is a systemic problem that we need a systemic response to. The common good economy has developed a method that offers all types of companies an opportunity to break out of this system. The common good balance is the lever for every company to find its way and its contribution to the good of the whole. The public good balance is certainly not the only way! There are many ways and ways to make our economic system more sustainable. The common good economy movement supports all of these approaches. We love diversity and creativity. That is why we campaigned for the BEST ECONOMY forum from the start. It is a place for meeting and for exchanging ideas. It is the alternative to the World Economic Forum in Davos, which recently did not provide any impetus for change for a sustainable world. Let us learn from each other and mutually enrich one another. As a co-organizer from the very beginning, we look forward to the opportunity to develop our ideas and concepts together, to network and to formulate our points of view together.

That is why I / our company support the BEST ECONOMY forum: We develop best practice examples and share them with other companies. Exchange of ideas and concrete suggestions; Support of a broad association for a sustainable economy. Our goal is to break new ground together and to take other entrepreneurs with us into a future that is worth living for us, our children and grandchildren today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

These are my / our long-term goals:

  • We develop a vision for our company / economy based on ethical values
  • We create a roadmap for a holistic system change
  • The companies operate climate-neutrally, if possible even climate-positive
  • Internationally enforceable laws to protect human rights, the climate and biodiversity
  • Redirecting economic development from activities that are detrimental to the common good to those that are oriented towards the common good
  • Public procurement according to sustainable values and indicators
  • Creation of a binding legal framework for ethical value creation management. Aspects of the common good are anchored in competition law. Business practices geared towards the common good are standard
  • Accountability reports serve as the basis for calculating corporate taxes and other incentives

That is why companies should visit the BEST ECONOMY forum 2021: exchange of experience, discussion, best practice examples, networking, development of common perspectives, sustainable development in their own company, development of new activities / perspectives, merging and pooling of forces, development of political demands.