Rica Friedl

Chairwoman of the BIO HOTELS association

The BIO HOTELS were founded in 2001 and have established themselves as pioneers in sustainable tourism in Europe. Our association currently has around 80 member hotels.

The Best Economy Forum is a great opportunity: We, the companies from the sustainable sector, get a voice in politics through the BEF. We sit at a table, can network, support one another, learn from one another and bring about change together.

That is why BIO HOTELS also support the next BEST ECONOMY forum: In the upcoming BEST ECONOMY forum we would like to build on the 2019 manifesto. We have to pour the formulated goals into a form and take action – now. We not only want to strengthen sustainable tourism, we also want to move economic practices that are suitable for grandchildren into the center of society.

These are long-term plans: We want a future in which the next generations can travel and discover the world in all its beauty. Our organic hoteliers show every day: Ecological management is possible and also makes economic sense. We have been developing sustainable tourism for 20 years – but that’s not enough. Cross-industry action is necessary. We expect long-term, cross-industry activism from the BEF.

That is why companies should visit the BEST ECONOMY forum 2021:  Where do I stand with my company? What values ​​do I convey? Where do you want to go? More and more companies are confronted with these questions. The BEF 2021 will be a joint process: companies can question themselves and benefit from the wealth of experience of other companies. The goal is to take action: As an entrepreneur and as a community to communicate our manifesto to politicians. The BEF 2021 will be groundbreaking: Take action not words!