Stefan Bauer

Stefan Bauer is Head of Transformation and Strategy (DACH) at Lilly Germany. The pharmaceutical company has set itself the goal of being the most human and customer-friendly company in the pharmaceutical industry. The transformation of the healthcare system is also on their agenda. Right now, the focus of health care is on healing people rather than keeping them healthy. The question that Lilly GmbH asks is: How can we transform our healthcare system? Away from thinking in terms of illnesses and towards a focus on health, happiness and quality of life.
Why do you support the BEST ECONOMY forum 2021? I participate in order to contribute to a sustainable economy with like-minded people. I look forward to networking, exchanging ideas and being inspired by like-minded people.
What are your long-term goals? I would like a 2nd certified public welfare balance and a political working group to transform the disease system into a sustainable health system. In the future, there should be more pharmaceutical companies based on the common good than just us. We are happy to act as a contact person and have also thought of the task of inspiring others to follow this path.