Stefan Voelkel

Managing Director of Voelkel

Stefan Voelkel has been managing director of the organic winery founded by his grandparents in 1936 since 1980. “The protection of the environment, the social and cultural, but of course also the economic concerns have always been an integral part of our thoughts and actions”, explains the company boss.

Stefan Voelkel joined the family business at the age of 19. Since then he has continuously developed the original vision under the guiding principle “Responsibility for people and nature”. The Voelkel Foundation was established in 2011 with the aim of ensuring the company’s progress and promoting organic farming regionally and worldwide.
Voelkel relies on long-term, partnership-based relationships with fruit and vegetable growers – both to ensure quality and to give suppliers planning and financial security. The preservation of the biodiversity as well as the preservation of the regional orchards are Voelkel concerns.

As a member of professional associations and initiatives such as the Association of Ecological Food Manufacturers (AöL), Demeter e. V., BioFairVerein, BioGourmetClub, foodactive and the ÖKORegio Verein, Stefan Voelkel carries the idea of ​​sustainability far beyond his own company. Stefan Voelkel shows in an exemplary manner how the holistic approach of the founders can be retained in a family business, adapted to today’s requirements and secured for the future: sustainability in the truest sense of the word.