Christian Berg

Christian Berg has been involved in the topic of sustainability in various functions and roles for almost 20 years:

  • In business, for example, many years at SAP, including as Chief Sustainability Architect, or currently as a member of the investment committee of GLS Bank
  • teaching at universities, currently as honorary professor for sustainability and global change at Clausthal University of Technology and as visiting professor for corporate sustainability at Saarland University
  • in civil society at the Club of Rome, of which he is a member of the German Presidium.
  • His new book was published in March (Is sustainability utopian? How we overcome barriers and act in a sustainable manner), which is a new report to the Club of Rome.

Christian Berg studied physics (diploma), philosophy (M.A.) and theology (Mag. Theol.), And did his doctorate in systematic theology (Dr. theol.) And engineering (Dr.-Ing.).