Leo Fellinger

Leo Fellinger is Managing Director of MOONCITY – an experience and competence center for new and electric mobility which is under the patronage of Porsche Holding Salzburg; the largest European automobile trading group in Europe. MOONCITY is not only an experience center, but also a knowledge platform, a place for dialogue and innovation. This is where new ideas are born and new impulses are given – for example in the areas of charging infrastructure and battery recycling.

Why do you support the BEST ECONOMY forum: We live in an exciting time that is characterized by many opportunities, which arise from forthcoming “changes”. But you can only change for the better, if you take every opportunity to inspire other people. The BEST ECONOMY forum is such a place of inspiration. That is why I support this initiative.

What do you expect from the BEF 2021? Exciting contacts, lively exchange and inspiration.

What are your long-term goals? I hope for a significant push towards sustainable forms of mobility over the next few years. I am already expecting the first good approaches for new business models and employment growth through new thought patterns and role models in the mobility industry. The dissolution of the gap between maximum mobility and fewer cars on the road will enter a critical phase here. My vision is that in 10 years sustainable mobility concepts will be established, e-mobility is on the right track and the energy industry has finally recognized that the introduction of e-mobility means that there is no problem with the amount of electricity, but only a distribution problem.