Michaela Reitterer

Michaela Reitterer is the owner and managing director of HS Hotelbetriebs GmbH – boutique hotel Stadthalle in Vienna.

Michaela Reitterer (born 1964) is responsible for the management of HS Hotelbetriebs GmbH – boutique hotel Stadthalle since 2002. In addition, she has been President of the Austrian Hotel Association (ÖHV) since 2013.
In the past Reitterer ran his own travel agency KUONI Hippesroither in Vienna. Prior to that, she worked as assistant to the management at Vienna Catering Service Vienna. In 2001 she acquired her parents’ business, the hotel “Zur Stadthalle” and restructured it into the “boutique hotel Stadthalle Wien”. Reitterer finally opened the building in 2009, the world’s first city hotel with a zero-energy balance.

For her work and her commitment to sustainable business practices, Michaela Reitterer has been awarded several prizes, such as the WKO Star Award in the category “Sustainability” 2011, the Hotelière of the Year Award 2010, the Austrian Climate Protection Prize 2010, the environmental prize of the City of Vienna (2009), the Austrian State Prize for Tourism (2009) as well as the 6th Austrian Ecolabel Award in succession For the third time in a row, it was the first hotel in Vienna to receive the European Ecolabel.

In 2016, she converted the hotel to 100% organic and is Vienna’s first and only organic hotel. Quality awards from all guest rating platforms and 5 gold awards in a row make her and her dedicated team very proud. Together with this, more and more new projects are launched to sensitize and inspire the international guests for the topic of sustainability and the environment. CSR and environmental awareness are Ms. Reitterer’s personal concerns, which are a matter of course at the Boutiquehotel Stadthalle.