Thomas Börkey-Biermann

Thomas Börkey-Biermann works as managing director for Ökoring Handels GmbH in Mammendorf in Upper Bavaria and has been a committed organic entrepreneur for over 25 years. Ökoring is an organic wholesaler that offers over 10,000 organic items from fruit and vegetables to dairy products, dry goods, meat and sausage, frozen goods, wines, local products from all over Europe, natural cosmetics as well as hygiene and household items. Natural food stores, farm shops, processors, subscription and eco-box businesses, canteens, hotels and restaurants as well as schools, kindergartens and social and church institutions are supplied. Quality and sustainability, the support of regional economic cycles and smallholder structures as well as a company management oriented towards the common good are the values ​​that determine his actions.

Why do you support the BEST ECONOMY forum 2021? As an entrepreneur, I have been working with my team since 1993 to manage our company with aspects of sustainability, environmental awareness and in the sense of the economy of the common good. Yes, that is possible. I would like to bring my many years of experience to this forum.

What did you like about BEF 2019? Networking, inspiration, motivation – this can be briefly described in bullet points. It was simply good to exchange ideas with like-minded people from different areas. I brought this exchange of ideas back home and into the company. Specifically, the close cooperation with the Herzstück cooperative, a village shop and café run by citizens for citizens. We made our first contacts at the Best Economy Forum 2019.

Your perspective for 2021? Furthermore, my goal remains to work on a fair, ecologically controlled and thus sustainable value chain from production to consumption. Climate change, nutrition and poverty are closely linked. Organic production and trade show a well-feasible and future-oriented economic path. I would like to continue pursuing this path.